So it’s been forever since I wrote. That’s partly due to my laptop deciding to go belly-up on me awhile ago. Partly due to Life stuff and partly just Me just being me.

So, just some general updates ….

I’ve been getting new meds for the RA via weekly shots and they have got my bloodwork looking more normal than it has in a very very long time, yay!

The Child and I have moved, wheee? This is a good thing, just a lot of hot and hard work and not easy when battling health issues and financial issues, but we’re almost at the end of it.

Talking of The Child, he’s on a push-my-buttons rampage lately, joy.

What else?

I knit two shawls and a tank top this summer. Managed to get to the beach with The Child several times. Lined up a teaching gig! That’s exciting and a little unnerving since it’ll be my first time teaching a knitting workshop. Haven’t read anything that stands out in a while … must remedy that! A big thing for me, I got out the DSLR camera for something other than a quick snapshot for the first time in 18 months. The combo of RA and Fibromyalgia made it to hard to hold and carry. The camera for so long. I am so glad I could get out for some shooting and hope I can do more soon. One of the challenges is figuring out how to manage both camera and cane together.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s as much writing as I can manage in one go tonight!


Book Binge Time Approaching!

Wow, the time is really flying by here!  March Break is next week already, and coming up soon is April, Book Binge Month

a few random snippets …

I worked the Golf & Travel Show in Toronto last weekend and the show itself was great, but what a pity to be stuck inside on the first wonderfully sunny & mild weekend of the year!  Woudn’t you guess, this weekend’s forecast is full of rain!  Gotta love the sense of humour of the universe, eh?

Knitting stuff …Finished knitting the sweater for my niece, just need to add the button loops, will post up a pic once it’s completely done. I’ve completely lost my sock knitting mojo. It’s taken me almost 3 months for the current pair of socks and I still have the leg to do.  It doesn’t help that they aren’t even for me.  I need to find a way to snap this both to get this promised project finished, and because I desperately need to work on replacing my handknit socks! I’ve lost 3 pairs this year already due to holes, wahh!

Kid stuff ….  term 3 report card came home this week & The Child’s marks are mostly C’s. No real sense of why, so have asked for a follow-up call.  On the plus side, he got a B in English – his reading and printing have both improved greatly from first term, something both he & I are proud of him for!

Life, the unvierse, everything …. not much to really report on the rest …. life pretty much continues. no progress in getting the divorce finalized. no hint of romance anywhere. finances continue to be challenging. life is what it is.

where did the month go?

It may not be quite over yet, but boy, has April gone by quickly! I feel like I didn’t manage to accomplish much this month … didn’t read or knit as much as I’d hoped, the house is less organized than I’d like, I didn’t get out to a seminar series as planned. My taxes aren’t done yet (though that *will* be remedied this weekend), the snow tires still need to come off the car …. lots of *undone* things this month!

But … then I remember what I *was* doing. Spending time with The Child – we’ve played frisbee and catch and board games and read together and gone to the park and been a couple new places.  I started, and made great progress on a more challenging-for-me bit of lace knitting.  As the snow melted, life returned to our little pond and The Child & I have enjoyed Frawg watching.  Lunch has been spent taking time for walks again.  Over the month I’ve made some new acquaintances and what I think is going to be a *very* special friendship indeed.

Guess April showers grow more than just flowers! 🙂


Been way too long since I updated!

Life continues, as it generally does! 😉 I took the day after New Year’s Day off to give myself an extended weekend & the break did me some good I think.

The amount of snow that’s fallen in the last while is mind-boggling, which is saying something since I lived in the snow belt before this!

The Child got to try out snowshoeing:
and he's up!
I learned the basics of spinning with a spindle:
Aspineration is complete!

The Child and his cousin thoroughly enjoyed hanging out at Christmas:

and I’ve been knitting lots of socks; sooo nice to have hand-knitted socks in this cold weather!;
1 & a teensy bit red dragon socks


Sorry for the delay in updating – there’s only *ugh* dial-up *ugh* available at the new place. Yep, that last picture is the new place The Child & I are living in! We sure got lucky with that!  It’s about a 30 minute drive from work & only 5 minutes outside of the nearest town & 15 from a good friend of mine.

The Child is loving taking the bus to school & playing in the large yard of the house. Work is good, but a bit crazy – I actually gave a presentation yesterday, and hopefully did ok despite having only been on the job 4 days at that point!

I spent today priming much of the “old” place, what exhausting work!  My brother has kindly offered to come put on the paint this week& then we need to head back next weekend to finish cleaning; boy moving is lots of work!

Finally, GOOD news!

I have a job! wooohoooo! 🙂

I just signed off yesterday on an offer letter for a position that I’m *very* happy, relieved and thankful for! Talk about 11th hour timing – the last unemployment deposit went in this week!
Anyways, the new job wants me to start Sept 8 and it’s too far to commute, so I’m doing a mad scramble to try & find a place, sort out schooling and care for The Child & arrange a move! The area I’m looking at is in & around Barrie. I’d consider as far North as Midland, but would rather stay South of Hwy 93 if possible. Shout out if you know the area, would ya?
obviously updates here will be scarce for a bit!


patience …. I’m struggling so badly with this!  People who’ve seen my housekeeping may have a very tough time believing it, but I’m a type A, control-freak.  Not having a clear plan for my life at the moment is very frustrating to me.  I used to be pretty good at having small goals for the next year, and bigger picture goals for the next 5, 10 years.  These last few years have pretty much demolished all my plans and this last year especially has brought me to a place of not even being able to tell you what next week is going to look like.  I feel pulled in several different directions at once … needs and wants battling and mistrust of my own judgement hard to overcome.

The Child has been pushing all my buttons this past week. He’s had at least one screaming tantrum each day and I’ve found myself yelling at him more often than I even would care to try to recall.  I am frustrated at his defiance, his refusal to listen, his insistence on doing things he knows are unsafe and not ok in this house.  He’s not just pushing the limits, but leaping right over them.

I’ve spent many nights feeling completely incompetent , inept, frustrated and angry. I’m frustrated with THe Child, with myself and just my life at the moment. This frustration isn’t helping things though, I know.

I need to re-direct my thoughts, find a new way of thinking abut this. It’s not a new approach that’s needed – lord knows I’ve read enough parenting books, tried enough different tactics .. it’s my thinking that has to change, I know. It’s my patience that needs to grow – with myself and The Child. I need to trust that things WILL work out financially and job-wise.


on a totally unrelated note, I came across a fascinating quote today;”We never forgive those we’ve wronged.” Interesting thought, eh?

Wordless Wednesday


Bit in the Butt

Don’t you just love when your words come back to bite you in the arse??

I recently sent off a note to someone I’d been out of touch in a while and got a lovely reply from her. In her catching up,  she enquired how things with The Child were going.  I wrote back that things had been better of late and that it’d been a while since he’d had a tantrum.

Yeah. WHAT was I thinking?? The last two days with The Child have been pretty rotten with several tantrums and behaviour I had hoped I’d seen the last of.  Amongst other things, I have a lovely purple design on my hall wall now thanks to the destructive forces of The Child in the last couple of days, writing on my sheets that I don’t think adds any ambiance to my room, and right this moment, he’s cleaning up baby lotion from his walls.



My very good friend has been trying to find a good time for The Child & I to visit him in his “new” home. Finally we found a few days that worked for us so after a brief visit with my folks on Friday, we headed further up North to visit Jeff.

The visit with my folks Friday was short as dad tired out quickly, but it was good to see him. He’s recovering well though still doesn’t have details on just *what* the growth was on his lung & if it’s something that could return, but the specialists obviously aren’t feeling terribly concerned, so we’re all feeling pretty good about that.

So anyways, The Child & I arrived at Jeff’s about dinner time & he cooked us a delicious dinner, which we then attempted to partially walk off at a nearby park. The next day was rainy at first but it cleared & we got in a full day of sailing in his newest boat. Sunday we took a picnic to the beach & splashed & swam in the bay, then Jeff took The Child on the go-karts.  Out for dinner for the best fish & chips I’ve ever had & then out for ice cream – talk about spoiled, eh?! Kitty-corner to Jeff’s place is a museum which hosts concerts in the park Sunday evenings, and we got back in time to catch a local musician play some tunes on his guitar.

Jeff’s place backs right onto the lake – 20 steps & you’d be standing in it! here’s some of the views from his yard:


Views from the yard

Views from the yard

Yard with a View

Jeff’s been an incredible friend to me for some time now, showing an incredible amount of patience as I’ve wrestled with some big questions around spirituality and trying to sort out crap from my past and well, life, the universe & everything! LOL!

We had a couple of very intense conversations while I was there & I think I’ve *finally* managed to let go of some things … and come home with a sense of renewal.

Needless to say, between one thing and another it wasn’t easy to leave Monday morning! I’m very much feeling fortunate to have a friend like Jeff and to have been given the chance to really enjoy a beautiful place. I’d love to move The Child & I to that area if I could find a job there .. but I’ve definitely hit the point of ANY job would be good right now!

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