Lunchtime Conversations

I’ve been threatening my co-workers for a while now that I was thinking of blogging the various conversations that go on in our lunchroom.  They can be so … bizarre sometimes.  I doubt I can in any way begin to capture the odd nature of the twists and turns but thought I might actually have a go at sharing some of this strangeness.

Today’s conversation began with talk of the upcoming Polar Bear Dip. Several co-workers are planning on taking the plunge and one was thinking out loud about how she was going to prepare.  We were enjoying take-out Indian food, so she pondered eating that just before to help her feel warmer.  Another co-worker commented on a polar dip done recently in Russia where the participants had supposedly enjoyed several shots of vodka and found that helped them dive into the icy cold more easily. 

Somebody said it should be re-named the Vodka Dip then, and somehow that caused us to picture dipping in vodka, which then led to discussion of having a vodka bath. So then we wondered how much alcohol would be absorbed by your skin while soaking on a vodka bath .. . but none of us could imagine anyone eanting to waste that much vodka for a *bath*.

So now I’m craving a Vodka Tonic!

Just thought I’d share 🙂