One Month In

One month into the New Year.

Too much snacking this past week, but overall eating habits are still better than they were.

Weather got too damn cold for walks far too often!  The days it was milder seemed to be my busiest, so didn’t get out much last week.  Did get out for a longer walk yesterday though!

Knitting, finished the baby gift for my brother & sister-in-law’s newest, who was born Sat jan 22nd at 4:30 am, welcome to the world baby B!  Also knit mittens & fingerless mitts for a swap.  Finally got the zipper sewn into my sweater, so it just needs an I-cord or something similar to finish the edge off as the neck looks too sloppy for my taste as is.  Also got the buttons onto my Amelia & am in fact, wearing it right now!  Knit a Dalek washclosh to EXTERMINATE! the dirt, heehee!  Coming alogn nicely on a stranded colourwork project, finally feeling I’ve got the general hang of that.  Convinced a co-worker to pick up the knitting needles after she’d had a long break from the craft. So I’d say it’s been a good month knit wise!

Health-wise & financially, this month has sucked hugely & unfortunately things aren’t about to get any better in either department.  Probably better not to get into details on a public blog, but some big things are going to have to change fast.  ugh.

Anyways, there’a little update from me!


Book Binge Time Approaching!

Wow, the time is really flying by here!  March Break is next week already, and coming up soon is April, Book Binge Month

a few random snippets …

I worked the Golf & Travel Show in Toronto last weekend and the show itself was great, but what a pity to be stuck inside on the first wonderfully sunny & mild weekend of the year!  Woudn’t you guess, this weekend’s forecast is full of rain!  Gotta love the sense of humour of the universe, eh?

Knitting stuff …Finished knitting the sweater for my niece, just need to add the button loops, will post up a pic once it’s completely done. I’ve completely lost my sock knitting mojo. It’s taken me almost 3 months for the current pair of socks and I still have the leg to do.  It doesn’t help that they aren’t even for me.  I need to find a way to snap this both to get this promised project finished, and because I desperately need to work on replacing my handknit socks! I’ve lost 3 pairs this year already due to holes, wahh!

Kid stuff ….  term 3 report card came home this week & The Child’s marks are mostly C’s. No real sense of why, so have asked for a follow-up call.  On the plus side, he got a B in English – his reading and printing have both improved greatly from first term, something both he & I are proud of him for!

Life, the unvierse, everything …. not much to really report on the rest …. life pretty much continues. no progress in getting the divorce finalized. no hint of romance anywhere. finances continue to be challenging. life is what it is.


Been way too long since I updated!

Life continues, as it generally does! 😉 I took the day after New Year’s Day off to give myself an extended weekend & the break did me some good I think.

The amount of snow that’s fallen in the last while is mind-boggling, which is saying something since I lived in the snow belt before this!

The Child got to try out snowshoeing:
and he's up!
I learned the basics of spinning with a spindle:
Aspineration is complete!

The Child and his cousin thoroughly enjoyed hanging out at Christmas:

and I’ve been knitting lots of socks; sooo nice to have hand-knitted socks in this cold weather!;
1 & a teensy bit red dragon socks


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What’s keeping me busy

Scarf progress - 1/2 way point

Woodland Shawl slowing growing

sock progress

and LOTS of this:
and still, it snows!

Thanks AJ & Val for commenting on the first variation of the shawl. I love the colours of that yarn AJ & agree it could make a really nice scarf, but in the end I decided the vertical striping effect wasn’t going to work with *this* particular project.

Snow AnticsOther stuff …. this week is March Break, but unfortunately it seems most of the neighbour kids are in camps or daycare so The Child is lacking for playmates. Thankfully it’s been sunny enough to kick errr send him outside the last couple days for chunks of time. He’s certainly happy enough for the latest dumping of snow. Me, I am very very very tired of it!

The job hunt is going spectacularly UNwell. That right there is probably the biggest *real* reason for lack of updates. *sigh*

Knit Stuff

Well, I’ve managed to make some progress on my first shawl. I’m really liking the pattern itself, but and not in love with the colourway. I lightly blocked my progress a coupe days ago to get a better feel for the project, and can tell it is going to be too short for a wrap for me. So now I’m trying to decide what to do…. finish as is & wear as a scarf? Tuck away to give as a gift to a more slender friend? add a decorative edging when I’m done? try & find a second skein of yarn (and since I lost the ball band, I definitely won’t be able to match dye lot) to make it into a proper size wrap?

Home again!


The Child and I got home mid-afternoon and at first, it felt small & cramped & messy. Plus it was bloody cold as I’d turned the heat waaaaay down. and there was a funky smell in the kitchen. but once we got the car emptied, retrieved the bunny from my friend, relieved the fridge of the science projects and unpacked as the place warmed up again, it felt *good* to be back home!

So, some odds & ends for my 3 or so readers 🙂

First, a genuine sunrise:
(sorry for the blurriness, no tripod)

Next, the next knitting project on the needles:
Woodland Shawl Take 1

This will become this when it’s done. This is my first shawl as well as my first “real” lace. Technically The Child’s knitted baby blanket is lace, but it was done in a heavier weight yarn & acrylic, which I’ve since learned is a poor choice for baby items. I’ve actually grown into a bit of a “yarn snob” now that I understand a *little* about fibre and it’s various properties and have started to discover better prices for the materials I like. I’m making the shalw in the recommended Lana Grossa and the entire project is less than $20 – more than reasonable in my opinion!

The Child burst into tears on the drive home because he missed the dogs already. He was sad too that he hadn’t gotten to say goodbye to the puppies *again*. He did get in some good cuddle time:

Yes, there *was* some downtime while we were there:

The dog in front in this next picture is the one *I’ll* miss the most:

and here’s a shot of the pups, who just loved playing with The Child:
Don’t they just *look* like they’re up to something?

Here’s a shot of The Child by one of the snow mountains:
Posting it larger than the others to give a better idea of the height of that snow. That’s just the stuff plowed from one small section of the drive – there were mounds this size pretty much surrounding the driveway. That’s a LOT of snow! I wish I’d thought to snap some pics on the *really* snowy days & of the freshly fallen snow!

I’m  glad The Child & I had the fun of spending time on the farm & playing with the dogs, but I’m glad it’s not my full-time gig!  I’m proud of how well he did with his sight vocabulary while we were away but am definitely ready to hand him off to his Sk teacher for a couple hours tomorrow! 😉

Wonder what our next adventure will be …..

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More hours in the day

Budding RosebudSo, between getting up at 6:30 am and the tempermental nature of the internet, I’ve definitely found more time in the day! Since getting here, I’ve managed to read 5 books and knit the sleeve of a new sweater for me (Rosebud)- not bad eh?

However, I can’t say I’d like to continue the trend of early mornings when I get back home 😉


Not a whole lot to update at the moment ….. but it’s been comforting to see the comments, so thanks gals! Lisa, I hadn’t known *you* had a blog either, so we’re even! 😉

I’ve now had TWO interviews, yay me! The one, I’m reeeeaaally hoping to hear back from on, but it won’t be until next week & even then, that would be for a second interview, so who knows. Tomorrow I’m off to chat to someone about some possible part-time teaching, so that ought to be interesting! Also heard back from another place & it turns out the salary is *much* too low, which wasn’t entirely surprising.

Other stuff … The Child … grrrrr! Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t want to trade him in, but man has he been driving me around the bend! Maybe he needs to adjust to school being back in? He’s not doing anything *horrid*, just a bunch of stupid little things, but it never seems to let up .. and it’s all stuff he *knows* better and when asked shrugs his shoulders as to why he did it. He’s lost tv privileges all this week at this point & the toys are going next – I give it ’til tomorrow this time for indoor ones to be gone. *sigh*

Knitting … the socks for the friend’s kiddo are all done, yay! 🙂

Jo's Socks

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