An update on my dad

Amazing how quickly things can change!

The dr’s went from saying 80% sure the growth was malignant before the surgery to 99% sure it’s benign after the initial biopsy, wooohoooo!! WHAT a relief. Basically they do an initial biopsy right there & then at the hospital & then send back to the lab for a more conclusive report, so once *that* is back, we’ll know more about the prognosis.

Dad went home today, incredibly!  Though he’ll likely rest better at home & that’s what he needs lots of at the moment.

So, everyone is feeling much relieved at this point!


cancer sucks

My dad goes in for surgery Tuesday morning and good vibes, positive thoughts, prayers are all welcome!

Long story short, a spot was found on his lung during prep for a knee surgery. Several tests later, the knee surgery was cancelled and dad was told he had lung cancer. Further tests show it hasn’t spread, thank goodness so Tuesday’s surgery is the next step. He’ll be in ICU for a day or two, home perhaps as early as a week after the surgery.  That’s about as far out as we’re all even *thinking* at this stage, but obviously the *best* news would be the surgery is all that’s needed.

The Child & I head to the farm tomorrow night to help out with the dogs & just generally be round. and I’ll be offline during that time.

Thanks for any thoughts!

A good cause

Through Plurk, I stumbled across the etsy shop of MGW Photography – check it out! Some good photos and a portion of the proceeds are going to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.