Random Stuff

I know, I know, I’m such a bad blogger! I still don’t have much to say for some reason, so today I bring you 3 random things:

1. Jellyfish Pool Lights – wonder if they’d keep the kids outta the pool?

2. From the bizzarre scientific findings file:

Kryptonite found in Serbian mine
When mineralogist Dr. Chris Stanely of London’s Natural History Museum did a Web search on the chemical formula of a recently-discovered unusual mineral, he was shocked to find out that the rock is Kryptonite. The mineral, found in a Serbian mine by the company Rio Tinto, consists of the same chemicals as fictional Kryptonite as described in the film Superman Returns.

You can read more here.

3. For a dose of humour:

Gilbert& Sullivan’s Interpretation of “Baby Got back”


What kind of soul are you?

Stole this from Mary P

You Are a Visionary Soul

You are a curious person, always in a state of awareness.
Connected to all things spiritual, you are very connected to your soul.

You are wise and bright: able to reason and be reasonable.

Occasionally, you get quite depressed and have dark feelings.You have great vision and can be very insightful.

In fact, you are often profound in a way that surprises yourself.

Visionary souls like you can be the best type of friend.

You are intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, and a good healer.

Souls you are most compatible with: Old Soul and Peacemaker Soul

What Kind of Soul Are You?

Happy Easter!

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Book Binge Progress

Read so far this month:

The Magician’s Nephew
The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe
The Horse and His Boy
Prince Caspain
TheVoyage of the Dawn Treader
The Silver Chair

above all by C.S. Lewis – one more to go to complete the Narnia Chronicles 🙂

and Summer at Willow Lake by Susan Wiggs

So 7 books in a week – wow, lotsa reading!! 🙂

One Book Down!

Yep, one book finished already for the Great Read-a-Long! lol! I’m a little surprised I managed to polish off C.S. Lewis’s The Magician’s Nephew over last night & this afternoon! Next up: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Yep, I am working my way through The Chronicles of Narnia for my first few reads 🙂 I loved the books the first time I read them as a little girl, loved them even more when I rediscovered them a few years ago during a bad bout of strep and, having finally gotten around to watching the movie last week, I felt a need to re-visit the books.