It’s been a long, long time ….

Um yeah, it’s been a while since I wrote anything in here.

Mainly because there’s really not much in the way of good news to share & after a while, it feels a LOT like complaining to share the crap.

The job search continues. Things bottomed out for me at the end of November, when I sat looking at my bank account wondering how I was going to ooooh I dunno .. shop for Christmas, pay my hydro bill, put gas in the car, or be able to manage such frivolities as rent and food. Yeah. Fun times. FORTUNATELy, that’s where the good news DOES come in. A whole bunch of folk pitched in and sent grocery store cards, gas cards, stocking stuffers for The Child, books & jammies for The Child & my niece, some little goodies, a couple of packages for under the tree, clothes for The Child, a box of dried food and a bag of fresh food. PHEW and THANK YOU Santas!!

I am VERY thankful for all this help as it would have been a very very bleak month without it.

My health unfortunately continues to be a struggle. I had strep yet again, and my energy levels are still dragging from it. I’ve had a major flare-up too of repetitive strain in my wrists, which is incredibly frustrating when all my contact with others is online these days. Still, I’d MUCH rather be dealing with these issues than the much more concerning ones I know others have had to/are continuing to deal with!

I’ve been picking The Child up from school in the afternoons this month to save on daycare costs & his teacher says the extra time with me seems to have been a big help to his ability to settled down & focus in school and he’s show much more interest in learning to read. Yesterday was his last day of daycare as well as being the last day of school before holidays and today he let loose with all that pent-up energy, ugh! Not one of his better days!


More hours in the day

Budding RosebudSo, between getting up at 6:30 am and the tempermental nature of the internet, I’ve definitely found more time in the day! Since getting here, I’ve managed to read 5 books and knit the sleeve of a new sweater for me (Rosebud)- not bad eh?

However, I can’t say I’d like to continue the trend of early mornings when I get back home 😉

An artist’s view of doggy farm life

The Child & I got here on Saturday early enough for my folks to be able to show us what we needed to know. It so happened Nana was cleaning up after the dogs when we were outside & The Child wanted to try her pooper scooper. Since, he’s insisted on helping a few times. He apparently finds the task amusing enough to render it in his journal for sharing with his friends!
cam drawing

Just thought some might enjoy that! 😀

Playing “Farm”

Well, The Child and I are feeling pretty settled into the daily routine of Nana & Gramps farm already.

The first couple of days, he woke up just after I brought the dogs in from their first outdoor excursion, around 6:30am. There was no convincing The Child to go back to sleep, but fortunately that novelty wore off quickly! Today I was able to get back in bed for a bit and get up at a more civilized 8am. We let the dogs out for another bathroom break, then got ourselves some breakfast.

After breakfast, it was playtime for The Child & the dogs. He decided that it was mummy’s job to clean up dog poop while he got the job of throwing tennis balls.

Dog Games

The dogs then went into outdoor pens for a while & I got to have my second cup of coffee while The Child played with some toys from home. He looks pretty grumpy here, eh?

I’m having trouble holding his interest in school work for long periods of time, but we manage several short sessions over the day and I think I do a pretty good job of working things into everyday activities.

The dogs get brought in mid-morning and The Child & I play a game or work on a puzzle or he watches a little tv while I work on some knitting or a book.

Lunch-time is early – must be all that fresh air! I try for another brief session of “schooling” after lunch & then we head back out with dogs for a while, mostly so The Child can work off some more of that exuberance!

It’s pretty much more of the same in the afternoon, with me getting online to check e-mail and do some job searching while he’s playing with toys.

Amazingly, The Child has been better about eating his vegetabl;es while here, suddenly discovering a liking for cauliflower. Evenings we get some cuddle time with the dogs in the family room, then he’s sent to get ready for bed as the dogs are sent outside yet again. Once the animals are in, it takes a little coaxing to finish getting The Child ready for bed, then a couple of stories and sometimes a babsitter to ensure he stays IN bed!
Shhhhhh! Don't Tell Nana!

We’re definitely needing a change of scenery though at this point & hopefully we’ll get to the library tomorrow. I’m also feeling rather in need of adult conversation; it gets a little wearing after a while to be chasing after dogs and The Child all day long; all have a habit of not listening to what they don’t want to hear! 😉 Still, I have a feeling this adventure will be one The Child remembers fondly for a loooooooooooong time!

Farm Adventures

It’s O Dark Something at the moment and my folks have left just a little while ago for a month, leaving The Child and I in charge of seven dogs, I don’t know how many houseplants, three vehicles and an acre & 1/2 of property. Should be interesting!

Their regular dog & house-sitter had to cancel about a week ago and after going through their list of back-ups, they were starting to run out of options.  Mum called me up and I think she was rather surprised that I didn’t even heistate at the idea of pulling The Child from school for that long. With me out of work and no unemlpoyment cheque in sight, there was no way I was turning down a paying gig though! Besides, I thought the change of scenery would be good for both of us.  I think I can handle an SK level education! 😉

I know I haven’t done a good job of updating the blog, but, well, there really hasn’t been anything *worth* sharing. I thought though this adventure might provide interesting 🙂