Not a whole lot to update at the moment ….. but it’s been comforting to see the comments, so thanks gals! Lisa, I hadn’t known *you* had a blog either, so we’re even! 😉

I’ve now had TWO interviews, yay me! The one, I’m reeeeaaally hoping to hear back from on, but it won’t be until next week & even then, that would be for a second interview, so who knows. Tomorrow I’m off to chat to someone about some possible part-time teaching, so that ought to be interesting! Also heard back from another place & it turns out the salary is *much* too low, which wasn’t entirely surprising.

Other stuff … The Child … grrrrr! Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t want to trade him in, but man has he been driving me around the bend! Maybe he needs to adjust to school being back in? He’s not doing anything *horrid*, just a bunch of stupid little things, but it never seems to let up .. and it’s all stuff he *knows* better and when asked shrugs his shoulders as to why he did it. He’s lost tv privileges all this week at this point & the toys are going next – I give it ’til tomorrow this time for indoor ones to be gone. *sigh*

Knitting … the socks for the friend’s kiddo are all done, yay! 🙂

Jo's Socks


Where is God?

I don’t think I can add anything to this message.

Random Stuff

Gee, I suck at blogging, huh?  lol!

Let’s see … to catch my 2 or so readers 😉 up …

  • The Child’s first day back at school went well; “Mrs. H didn’t even yell at me ONCE mummy!”
  • I finished the socks I was knitting for a friend & am almost done the ones for a different’s friend’s second-youngest son
  • Had an interview for a job, yay!
  • had a birthday in there somewhere which I spent worrying over my very sick (but now better) dog
  • read a couple of Sandra Brown books (starting ti find her a bit formulaic)

Not a terribly exciting life, but maybe that’s not a bad thing at the moment! 🙂