i think too much

…. even this quiz thinks so!

Your Word is “Think”

You see life as an amazing mix of possibilities, ideas, and fascinations.And sometimes you feel like you don’t have enough time to take it all in.You love learning. Whether you’re in school or not, you’re probably immersed in several subjects right now.

When you’re not learning, you’re busy reflecting. You think a lot about the people you know and the things you’ve experienced.




Been way too long since I updated!

Life continues, as it generally does! 😉 I took the day after New Year’s Day off to give myself an extended weekend & the break did me some good I think.

The amount of snow that’s fallen in the last while is mind-boggling, which is saying something since I lived in the snow belt before this!

The Child got to try out snowshoeing:
and he's up!
I learned the basics of spinning with a spindle:
Aspineration is complete!

The Child and his cousin thoroughly enjoyed hanging out at Christmas:

and I’ve been knitting lots of socks; sooo nice to have hand-knitted socks in this cold weather!;
1 & a teensy bit red dragon socks