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Well, I’ve managed to make some progress on my first shawl. I’m really liking the pattern itself, but and not in love with the colourway. I lightly blocked my progress a coupe days ago to get a better feel for the project, and can tell it is going to be too short for a wrap for me. So now I’m trying to decide what to do…. finish as is & wear as a scarf? Tuck away to give as a gift to a more slender friend? add a decorative edging when I’m done? try & find a second skein of yarn (and since I lost the ball band, I definitely won’t be able to match dye lot) to make it into a proper size wrap?

Home again!


The Child and I got home mid-afternoon and at first, it felt small & cramped & messy. Plus it was bloody cold as I’d turned the heat waaaaay down. and there was a funky smell in the kitchen. but once we got the car emptied, retrieved the bunny from my friend, relieved the fridge of the science projects and unpacked as the place warmed up again, it felt *good* to be back home!

So, some odds & ends for my 3 or so readers 🙂

First, a genuine sunrise:
(sorry for the blurriness, no tripod)

Next, the next knitting project on the needles:
Woodland Shawl Take 1

This will become this when it’s done. This is my first shawl as well as my first “real” lace. Technically The Child’s knitted baby blanket is lace, but it was done in a heavier weight yarn & acrylic, which I’ve since learned is a poor choice for baby items. I’ve actually grown into a bit of a “yarn snob” now that I understand a *little* about fibre and it’s various properties and have started to discover better prices for the materials I like. I’m making the shalw in the recommended Lana Grossa and the entire project is less than $20 – more than reasonable in my opinion!

The Child burst into tears on the drive home because he missed the dogs already. He was sad too that he hadn’t gotten to say goodbye to the puppies *again*. He did get in some good cuddle time:

Yes, there *was* some downtime while we were there:

The dog in front in this next picture is the one *I’ll* miss the most:

and here’s a shot of the pups, who just loved playing with The Child:
Don’t they just *look* like they’re up to something?

Here’s a shot of The Child by one of the snow mountains:
Posting it larger than the others to give a better idea of the height of that snow. That’s just the stuff plowed from one small section of the drive – there were mounds this size pretty much surrounding the driveway. That’s a LOT of snow! I wish I’d thought to snap some pics on the *really* snowy days & of the freshly fallen snow!

I’m  glad The Child & I had the fun of spending time on the farm & playing with the dogs, but I’m glad it’s not my full-time gig!  I’m proud of how well he did with his sight vocabulary while we were away but am definitely ready to hand him off to his Sk teacher for a couple hours tomorrow! 😉

Wonder what our next adventure will be …..

With EXTRA babbling!

Heh. So I go, what *months* without an update, and here I am posting three times in one day! Go figure!

Random thought:
It seems too bad to me sometimes that we as people in general have a hard time holding onto thankfullness. I admire those who are very good at being grateful for their blessings & wish I were better at the same, and wish more folks aspired to be more appreciative too; I think it’d go a loooooooong way to making the world a better place!

So today brought  MORE snowblowing & shovelling & I was able to move my car … about 5 feet backwards where it got VERY stuck *sigh*. I tried digging the snow out around the tires, putting down sand & rocking it & managed to go forward a foot, get stuck, roll back to try & get a bit more of a go at it, forward half a foot & that’s IT. ugh, I am SO SICK of winter!

I put in a call to the neighbour who’s been doing the plowing & asked him to *call* before he comes next time so I can open the gate & have him plow some of the drive as it started snowing AGAIN this afternoon. If I can get him to plow out a portion of the drive on *this* side of the fence & then give my car a push, I’m sure we could get it into a plowed area. It really needs to get unstuck as the forecast for the rest of the week is calling for snow.  Fortunately only light stuff, so at least if we get the car out of the deep/soft snow, I can maintain with the snowblower enough of a path to get it out after that.


it’s snowing again.

ugh!  I got out the shovel & sand this afternoon and only succeeded in backing my car up until it was thoroughly stuc again AND blocking in 1 of the 4-wheel drives. *sigh*  enough with the white stuff already!

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