Plurk Bookswap!

One of the lovely people I’ve come to know on plurk , Ms. Pritcharddesign, started a thread relating to books that got me to thinking how much fun it might be to do a plurk bookswap! so….. here we go!

Hopefully this makes sense to everyone! All you need to do to participate is contact me either by leaving a comment or by e-mail at tori dot martin at gmail dot com.  Please provide your plurk handle, your e-mail, City & State/Province and country, whether you’re willing to ship out-of-country and a list of up to 5 books you’d be willing to swap. Let me know if you’d prefer me to list your books under your e-mail addy or your plurk handle for folks to be able to contact you.

I’ll close submissions on June 12th & then post a comprehensive list. Anyone who posts a book offer is welcome to browse through the final lists to see what they’d like & then contact the current owner for arranging an exchange.

At that point, I’ll leave it up to the owner of the books to decide if they’d like to trade for something on the contacter’s list, or if they simply want to forward on a book (or more) and hope to find something they like elsewhere, or simply decline the request.

Happy book swapping!


strep AGAIN!

insert whatever bad words of choice you’d like here ….

I cannot *quite* wrap my head around the fact that I am dealing with strep yet *again*. This time, for *added* fun, a stomach virus decided to hit at the same time.  Way TMI moment: it hurts like BLOODY hell throwing up when your throat is swollen most of the way shut & feeling like it’s been scraped raw with low grade sandpaper. ow-fricken-ow!

As there are no walk-in clinics anywhere near where I live & as my dr couldn’t fit me in ’til next month, it was off to the ER with me. The doc walked in, I told him I was sure it was strep & why. He took one look at my poor throat and wanted to know why in the world I still had my tonsils.  He whipped up a scrip for some super-antibiotics and wrote me a note for work and sent me on my way.

I seem to be much slower this time is getting over it.  The tiredness is horrible – a trip to the grocery store yesterday, day 3 of meds, had me close to keeling over in the aisles.  I probably should not have been driving :/

So my long weekend is being spent mostly in bed. sleeping. not fun!

next step; get a referral for a surgeon to see about getting the darn tonsils OUT!

more random writing


some days come easy,
some days you just kinda muddle through
some days laughter comes easy and love seems to be everywhere you turn
some days you force a laugh just to save yourself from crying
some days the sillies overtake and nothing can bring a frown
some days the darkness creeps in and grabs a hold of you
wraps you in its bitter embrace and hangs on tight
some days the tears seem but a blink away
and some days nothing can keep them away

random poetry

longing for soft sweet kisses,
and lingering caresses
hungry kisses.
aching for touches soft and delicate
the feel of hands sliding across bare skin
or plunging through hair and pulling head in tight.
desire sweeping in,
pushing away thought and reason
simply being … living … loving.

lol, yeah it’s schlocky … just trying to get the writing muse to wake up 🙂

roller coaster

the roller coaster of life is very bizarre …..

long, flat stretches …. long dips where you never think you’re gonna climb out again …. a succession of very quick ups & downs …. it sure seems though that the peaks go by way too quick and the exhiliration is far too-short-lived.

some days the bumps are thrilling, others they turn a stomach inside-out.

sometimes it seems easier to enjoy the ride, other times it’s hard not to wish for it to be different .. or at least at a different point.

right now, i feel like i am trying hard to pull up out of a long dip down … there’s been a few short, quick ups, but i dunno … it feels like this ride needs some more maintenance to get it running smoothly.

maybe i need to be able to say screw it more, maybe i need to be less self-critical and harsh …. maybe i need to learn to be more thankful for what i *do* have …

yet right now,  i just feel like i’m wobbling along on the track, not getting it “right’ and not sure where to tune-up …