So it’s been forever since I wrote. That’s partly due to my laptop deciding to go belly-up on me awhile ago. Partly due to Life stuff and partly just Me just being me.

So, just some general updates ….

I’ve been getting new meds for the RA via weekly shots and they have got my bloodwork looking more normal than it has in a very very long time, yay!

The Child and I have moved, wheee? This is a good thing, just a lot of hot and hard work and not easy when battling health issues and financial issues, but we’re almost at the end of it.

Talking of The Child, he’s on a push-my-buttons rampage lately, joy.

What else?

I knit two shawls and a tank top this summer. Managed to get to the beach with The Child several times. Lined up a teaching gig! That’s exciting and a little unnerving since it’ll be my first time teaching a knitting workshop. Haven’t read anything that stands out in a while … must remedy that! A big thing for me, I got out the DSLR camera for something other than a quick snapshot for the first time in 18 months. The combo of RA and Fibromyalgia made it to hard to hold and carry. The camera for so long. I am so glad I could get out for some shooting and hope I can do more soon. One of the challenges is figuring out how to manage both camera and cane together.

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s as much writing as I can manage in one go tonight!


Poor Neglected Blog

Boy have I been absent from here! To make a very long story short, for anyone still following this thing who doesn’t already know, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis this summer. It’s not been a fun few months, and I don’t seem to be responding yet to the meds, which is frustrating.

Learning to live with chronic pain and fatigue has been extremely challenging.  My limits can vary greatly from day-to-day, making it hard to plan. I’ve been off work for about five months now, and that was a surprisingly difficult adjustment.  I bet many people think they’d welcome such a break from their jobs, but trust me, it has NOT been a vacation! Doctor appointments, specialist appointments, blood work, testing, fighting with the insurance company, on top of trying to cope with daily life when suddenly every task has become so much harder, when many taken for granted things have become difficult or even impossible.  Something as simple as walking can cause me a great deal of pain, and my main hobbies of reading, photography and knitting have become things I have to really limit in my day, even having days where holding a book, a camera, or trying to work a few stitches is too much.

I had a couple of good weeks in the early Fall and I’m thankful I got a bit of a break.  I’m disappointed to be struggling as much as I am now and for the moment the doctors are unsure how much is weather related, how much is the RA, and how much is perhaps something else.

Learning to “roll with it” is not easy for me.  I am big on Control and Plans and Taking Charge.  I believe in hard work, in “pulling up your socks”, in 3 month plans, in 5 year plans, in saving for a rainy day … and life is just laughing at me right now it feels like! Hopefully soon I’ll get to the point where I can laugh back at life more!

starting over


That was the sound of the dust being blown away with the neighbour’s leaf blower!

blah blah blah been away too long, blah blah blah, rambling, whingine, blah blah, let’s just get on with it!

not sure what i want to do with this sucker, other than try and track accomplishments, whether small or big.  Going to try to worry less about acceptance, what others think, about being “good enough”. Sometimes it’s going to be doing SOMETHING however small. Hopefully there’ll be some bigger stuff in there too, but whatever. It is what it is.

Today’s achievement:

getting off my arse and OUTSIDE at lunchtime in the COLD and the SNOW!  2 rounds of snowshoeing in old-style snowshoes around the snowsnake track & one on foot (slippery!  today I learned that snowshoes have good traction on ice!)  Roughly 15 min, maybe a smidge more.

completed client’s artwork, yeay (and hey, I remembered I LIKE playing in photoshop)

made calls I didn’t want to instead of procrastinating on them.

and signed up for the Biggest Loser competition at work. again.  but this time I’d like to actually LOSE weight.

where did the month go?

It may not be quite over yet, but boy, has April gone by quickly! I feel like I didn’t manage to accomplish much this month … didn’t read or knit as much as I’d hoped, the house is less organized than I’d like, I didn’t get out to a seminar series as planned. My taxes aren’t done yet (though that *will* be remedied this weekend), the snow tires still need to come off the car …. lots of *undone* things this month!

But … then I remember what I *was* doing. Spending time with The Child – we’ve played frisbee and catch and board games and read together and gone to the park and been a couple new places.  I started, and made great progress on a more challenging-for-me bit of lace knitting.  As the snow melted, life returned to our little pond and The Child & I have enjoyed Frawg watching.  Lunch has been spent taking time for walks again.  Over the month I’ve made some new acquaintances and what I think is going to be a *very* special friendship indeed.

Guess April showers grow more than just flowers! 🙂


Been way too long since I updated!

Life continues, as it generally does! 😉 I took the day after New Year’s Day off to give myself an extended weekend & the break did me some good I think.

The amount of snow that’s fallen in the last while is mind-boggling, which is saying something since I lived in the snow belt before this!

The Child got to try out snowshoeing:
and he's up!
I learned the basics of spinning with a spindle:
Aspineration is complete!

The Child and his cousin thoroughly enjoyed hanging out at Christmas:

and I’ve been knitting lots of socks; sooo nice to have hand-knitted socks in this cold weather!;
1 & a teensy bit red dragon socks


Sorry for the delay in updating – there’s only *ugh* dial-up *ugh* available at the new place. Yep, that last picture is the new place The Child & I are living in! We sure got lucky with that!  It’s about a 30 minute drive from work & only 5 minutes outside of the nearest town & 15 from a good friend of mine.

The Child is loving taking the bus to school & playing in the large yard of the house. Work is good, but a bit crazy – I actually gave a presentation yesterday, and hopefully did ok despite having only been on the job 4 days at that point!

I spent today priming much of the “old” place, what exhausting work!  My brother has kindly offered to come put on the paint this week& then we need to head back next weekend to finish cleaning; boy moving is lots of work!

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Another Day in the Life

I was lucky enough to have what was a darn near perfect day with The Child today!  Some humour, some exploring, some craftiness, some fun & some sillness!

We started the day leisurely in our jammies, not needing to dash off anywhere – always a nice treat in my mind!  Then it was to the grocery store where we were about 1/3 of the way through our shopping when he decided he needed to use the bathroom RIGHT NOW!  Which admitedly made me a little frustrated, but mostly, made me shake my head and chuckle! Finally the original mission was accomplished.

After a simple lunch, we headed outside to gather some fall leaves, always interesting to see what The Child thinks is beautiful!  We brought them inside and ironed some flat for tracing & experimented with crayons, wax paper & the hot iron for some neat artwork.  Then I dug out my few & simple Hallowe’en decorations .. and what seems like not much to me of course is cause for much excitement from The Child, gotta love it!  He decided he needed to put on the scary mask that was amongst the decorations and picked up my black felt cape that I’d tossed over the chair earlier (it’s great for pulling on to sit & drink my coffee outside when The Child is playing outside and there’s a chill in the air) and out the door he goes to terrorize the neighbour’s younger son! 😉

Eventually he needs a break from playing outside so it’s inside for some tv.  I’d promised him earlier in the week we could do something special on the weekend, and he chose this time to remind me.  I had no brilliant ideas of where to go on my very limited budget so asked him what *he* wanted to do.  “McDonald’s?  to play?” Gee, did I get off lightly on that one, or what?  So off we headed to the Golden Arches for an early dinner followed by me contentedly sitting and knitting while he happily clambered in the play place.

His best friend was outside when we got home, so layering up my vest and fleece I sat with the paper while they entertained each other. The Child wasn’t overly impressed when it was time to come in, but well, no day is completely “perfect”!  😉  A bedtime snack, the usual bedtime routine and a story from Winnie-the-Pooh followed by several hugs and kisses rounded the day out quite nicely.

Not a day that’ll likely stand out for either The Child or me years down the road, but still lovely!