mystery stole update

For the knitting folk who wander by, I haven’t made much progress on the mystery stole KAL.

Currently the project is in time-out. I managed to get to about Row 76 or so, and ran into one of *those* rows. You know, the kind you just look at and it misbehaves, doing exactly what you don’t want it to, rather like a willful child. While attempting to tink back, my lovely alpaca yarn decided to get in on the rebellion and snarled itself into a tangled mess. I’d started attempting to impose some order on the skein and to frog back to my previous life-line but hadn’t completed either task at the point my ummm surprising news briefly referred to below hit. The whole thing is now sitting in disgrace in the corner of the coffee table where I’m only now contemplating once again acknowledging it.


Conference in my Living Room

A while back, I read about Second Life on Queen of Spain’s blog. At the time, I figured I didn’t have time for yet another addiction. I heard more mutterings about it and that it wasn’t simply a sim game, but much, much more. Finally I got around to checking it out & setting myself up with a persona and having some fun playing around with flying & such.

Then, this afternoon I got a taste of the possibilities Second Life offers. I attending a conference from my living room! Between Queen of Spain & Vodkarella’s posts, I decided I needed to check out BlogHer.

So far, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in conversations with folk from the Netherlands, UK, the US & across Canada, hear about blogging for non-profits and safety issues and meet tons of folk. pretty amazing to see just how invisible borders and boundaries can become!

If you’d care to find me in Second Life, I’m going by Phoenixxa Homewood, come say hi! (just don’t laugh when I bump into you!)


That sums my day up well.

I received some very upsetting news this afternoon …. all I’m going to say here in a public forum is any & all hugs & prayers are appreciated.


About 10:30 am the day I started reading:
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5:30 pm that same day:
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Search Engine Terms

I’m not very good at checking my stats – I’ve been so sporadic about blogging & I know most of the “regular” readers, you faithful few!  Anyways, I noticed the search engine terms area actually had something in it today & giggled when I saw “Hate housekeeping”.  I wonder what the person who searched on that was hoping to find? Tips on how to ignore housework even more?  Or simply other like-minded souls?  Anyways, it made me grin, so thought I’d share! 🙂

Mystery Stole Continues

Got soooo close to finishing the first chart in the first clue of the mystery stole 3 KAL, but the last row just wasn’t behaving. After 3 attempts of knitting, tinking, re-knitting, I gave up & sensibly went to bed.  This evening I’m happy to report the lace behaved much better and the first chart is complete.

Not much more to look at than the previous photo, but still:

Mystery Stole 3 - Clue 1, Chart A complete

Chart B has begun but I’m not terribly far with it.

In other news, my vacation is definitely ON!  With that last bout of illness, I was worried I’d have to cancel, but I’m happily feeling much improved health-wise & felt it was safe to purchase the airbus tickets after work today.  I still can’t quite wrap my head around the concept of 4 days, 3 nights AWAY.  No kid, no diet, no lectures to have to attend, no housework to be done, no chores to ignore, whatever WILL I do??  😉  There’s 13 of us gals going, and I know there’s not going to be many quiet moments, lol!

Kiddo is excited too as he gets to spend the time with my very good friend & her two kiddos. They have bunk-beds & a pool – two of the major selling points to a 4 &1/2 year old!

Ahhh! That’s better!

Frogged the Mystery Stole & restarted and I’m *much* happier with it now! Managed to get to Row 36 as kiddo rode his bike. Doesn’t look overly impressive at the moment, but a little more work on it tonight & some pinning will show the design better. For now you’re just gonna have to trust me that this is more impressive than it looks! 😉

MS3 Chart A


With energy running low as I slowly get better from this latest bout of strep, knitting was a perfect low-key activity last night, so settled down into starting on the Mystery stole project.

I’m not used to reading off a chart, so it was slow-going for a while, but I made pretty decent progress.  I was glad I’d read some of the list tips, especially the one about using lifelines.  I’d never heard of these before, but basically, you thread a thread through a finished row of stitches while still on the needle, ends hanging out, the idea being if need be, it makes it easy to frog back to that spot & pick up from the row rather than needing to do fiddly tinking or frogging the whole darn thing.  Had to do this a couple of times & managed to get through 24 rows.  When I left off before going to bed, I knew I needed to fix the row I’d just frogged to.  Then on re-checking the chart this morning, I realize my mistake actually goes further back than that, past where I have a lifeline, so it looks like the whole darn thing is getting frogged and re-started tonight.



I know, I’ve been a very bad blogger! Just hasn’t been much interesting in my life to write about!

At the moment, I am home, sick, AGAIN, with strep, AGAIN! grrrrrr.  not impressed as I had it at the beginning of last month, back in Feb, and a couple bouts in the winter too.  enough already! Particualrly anoying as that it meant I missed out on a chance to go sailing. A friend took kiddo & I a couple weeks ago & offered to take me on my own this past weekend so we could get up some speed & I was *really* looking forward to it, but it was not to be *sigh*.  I spent several summers sailing as a young teen & loved it & this was the first opportunity I’d had since.  Unfortunately the friend is moving next weekend, so looks like it’s going to be quite some time before I get another chance, boohoo!

Kiddo is well.  Although bummed about not being allowed to watch SpiderMan3, he’s allowed himself to be consoled with Shrek 3 😉

I’m almost finished the socks I’ve been knitting for a friend & crazily decided to join the MS3 project after reading about it on the harlot’s blog (damn you harlot! :p) I’m way behind as I didn’t have the required yarn in my stash & being sick haven’t been able to get out to the LYS to remedy that.  I’ll post up pics though as I progress, assuming I don’t lose patience with the project!

What else?  I’m off on vacation in a few days, actually taking a trip, something I haven’t done since *gasp* my honeymoon.  How sad it’s been that long, eh?  I’m off on an adult’s only, gal’s only retreat of a few days of shopping, drinking, eating & laughing! 🙂  I’m actually plannign another get-away later in the summer – gotta make up for some of that lost time!  Sometime in August, my galfriend & I are taking our kiddos to Niagara Falls.  None of the kids has ever seen it & simply staying in a hotel with a pool will be a treat for them, lol!  So we’ll make a weekend of it.  Nice to actually have some fun stuff planned!

So for those of you who’ve been good enough to poke your heads in here, thanks for sticking around, there’ll be plenty of pics to come with these plans 🙂