strep AGAIN!

insert whatever bad words of choice you’d like here ….

I cannot *quite* wrap my head around the fact that I am dealing with strep yet *again*. This time, for *added* fun, a stomach virus decided to hit at the same time.  Way TMI moment: it hurts like BLOODY hell throwing up when your throat is swollen most of the way shut & feeling like it’s been scraped raw with low grade sandpaper. ow-fricken-ow!

As there are no walk-in clinics anywhere near where I live & as my dr couldn’t fit me in ’til next month, it was off to the ER with me. The doc walked in, I told him I was sure it was strep & why. He took one look at my poor throat and wanted to know why in the world I still had my tonsils.  He whipped up a scrip for some super-antibiotics and wrote me a note for work and sent me on my way.

I seem to be much slower this time is getting over it.  The tiredness is horrible – a trip to the grocery store yesterday, day 3 of meds, had me close to keeling over in the aisles.  I probably should not have been driving :/

So my long weekend is being spent mostly in bed. sleeping. not fun!

next step; get a referral for a surgeon to see about getting the darn tonsils OUT!



  1. May 24, 2009 at 10:23 am

    wow – strep… again… How horrible. I’m really sorry to heat this!

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