things that drive me nuts

stolen borrowed from another blogger

random things that contribute to my nuttiness

  1. bed sheets that won’t stay on the mattress (stole this one, SO agree!)
  2. dog hair
  3. running out of coffee
  4. poeple trying to have a conversation with me before my first coffee of the day
  5. my favourite mug breaking
  6. attitude &/or whining from The Child
  7. slow drivers
  8. bad drivers
  9. low water pressure showers
  10. not enough milk for my coffee
  11. having only dial-up available where i live
  12. that i’m a control freak
  13. not being able to find a clean spoon
  14. never-ending laundry
  15. people who fail to follow-through
  16. lies
  17. the neighbour’s dog who thinks my lawn is his personal toilet
  18. my broken digital camera & lack of funds to replace/fix 😦
  19. not being able to figure out why my pc’s modem won’t work
  20. still not being able to replace my mac that died last year
  21. the faults i feel like i *should* be able to do something about

1 Comment

  1. March 24, 2009 at 1:38 am

    Hey Yea Tori, and “Child”. Lost you both off in cyber space somewhere, plus my silly “Three Year” rule.

    If you feel like you want to talk just drop me an email with your “Vitals” (chuckle), and from your pics your still the cutest “bluebunny” this Elmer Fudd has seen 🙂

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