When Things Come Together

I love it when things come together! Such a nice change! lol!

Interesting how things happen sometimes ….. I have been neglectful of keeping a portfolio of my work. I knew I’d kept some screenshots & back-up while working at my last job, but didn’t stop to think about trying to grab them or save copies of some of my work last year when I got the lovely news about being out of a job …..  I’d had a few things on the laptop and finally things aligned that I was able to see most of the files that had been retrieved for me, but most of it it wasn’t really stuff I wanted to put into a professional portfolio.

SOOOOO anyways, I got a call a couple weeks ago about a position with ‘Company S’  that sounded like a very good fit and close to the area I think I want to be.  We played phone tag over the interview time and I was excited about it, then finally managed to have a conversation with the woman from HR. She wanted  a portfolio and several other things and I was totally unprepared.  I started having second thoughts. I decided that if this was meant to be, either more files from the hard drive would materialize and/or I’d get a call about another interview in the area the same day. (making the 3 hour each way drive more “worth it’).  Neither happened & I cancelled.

I was honest with the HR woman about the portfolio & she was very sympathetic & said they’d keep my resume on file, but unfortunately had only set aside that one day for interviews.

I had two other requests come in for samples of my work just after that.  In both cases, they wanted to see more than just Web work and they weren’t looking for an extensive array of things, so it was easier to pull things together for those requests.

Then I got another call from ‘Company S’.  A very similar position was available but with a different hiring manager, was I interested? I figured God gives you second chances if it’s something you’re meant to follow-through on so was all for it!  Since I’d put together the samples for the other requests, I at least had a sparse portfolio. I remembered about the ‘wayback machine’ and was able to pull up some older samples of Web work so things were looking a little better. Then, tonight, I went out to my car looking for the notes I scribbled on directions when the call came in about the first interview (they’d called my cell & I’d been in the car). I rummaged through my trunk a bit & didn’t find them, but did find an unlabeled CD …. brought it in .. and lo & behold a great bunch of screenshots & print artwork from my previous job that showed several re-designs I did .. which is what they are *most* interested in tomorrow!

I think God is probably having a nice little chuckle over me tonight!


1 Comment

  1. Alexis said,

    August 6, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    Sounds like things are coming together. Can’t wait for an update.

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