Addicted to Books

I learned to read before I was in kindergarten and have always loved escaping into a good book. I’ve tried keeping lists before of what I’ve read and inevitably forget about them or lose them. This year, I tried again and even with gaps, I surprised myself at the number of books I’ve managed to read so far!

I started the list in February, forgot about it part-way through April, remembered again in June, forgot until almost the end of July. There’s a lot of “fluff” on my list, but there’s some stuff that’s stuck with me too, which I’ve marked below with an *.

  1. High Five – Janet Evanovich
  2. Hot Six – Janet Evanovich
  3. Seven Up – Janet Evanovich
  4. Hard Eight – Janet Evanovich
  5. To The Nines – Janet Evanovich
  6. Ten Big Ones – Janet Evanovich
  7. Twelve Sharp – Janet Evanovich (her numbered Stephanie Plum books are a fun, fast read)
  8. Bitten & Smitten – Michelle Rowen
  9. Knitting Rules – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
  10. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee casts off : the yarn harlot’s guide to the land of knitting. – Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
  11. * Memoirs of a Geisha – Arthur Golden
  12. Beast – Janet Evanovich (meh. I don’t like the between the numbers or non Stephie Plum books as much)
  13. Lean Mean Thirteen – Janet Evanovich
  14. Smitten – Janet Evanovich
  15. Visions of Sugar Plums – Janet Evanovich
  16. Diary of a Mad Mother-to-Be – Laura Wolf
  17. Undead & Uneasy – Mary Janice Davidson
  18. * The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks
  19. Prey – Michael Crichton (I found the ending a bit lacking & disappointing)
  20. The Chick and the Dead – Casey Daniels
  21. Tall, Dark and Dead – Tate Hallaway
  22. A kiss of shadows – Laurell K. Hamilton
  23. A caress of twilight – Laurell K. Hamilton
  24. Wife for Hire – Janet Evanovich
  25. Home Again – Kristin Hannah
  26. * God Doesn’t Shoot Craps – Richard Armstrong (fictional, but a fascinating viewpoint of God is presented)
  27. Seduced by Moonlight – Laurell K. Hamilton
  28. A Stoke of Midnight – Laurell K. Hamilton
  29. A Lick of Frost – Laurell K. Hamilton
  30. How to be Good – Nick Hornby
  31. * The End of Religion – Bruxy Cavey (non fiction; he explores the difference between following a set of rules vs trying to be like Jesus)
  32. Back in the Game – Holly Chamberlin
  33. * The Book of Lost Things – John Connolly (a grown-up kind of fairy-tale … and not in a cutsie way)
  34. Slay It With Flowers – Kate Collins
  35. Permed to Death – Nancy Cohen
  36. re-read all 7 Harry Potter book
  37. (2nd Harry Potter)
  38. (3rd Harry Potter)
  39. (4th Harry Potter)
  40. (5th Harry Potter)
  41. (6th Harry Potter)
  42. (7th Harry Potter)
  43. * Pillars of the Earth – Ken Follet (an epic novel about a prior, his master builder, their attempts to build a magnificent cathedral, and their community … the stories of the people as well as the politics of the church were fascinating)
  44. Plum Lucky – Janet Evanovich
  45. Too Big to Miss – Sue Ann Jaffarian (a fun and slightly wacky mystery)
  46. * The Tin Box – Holly Kennedy
  47. The Curse of the Holy Pail – Sue Ann Jaffarian
  48. * Wicked – Gregory Maguire (I don’t think it lived up to the hype, but there was lots of things I liked about it)
  49. * The Footprints of God – Greg Iles
  50. * Stumbling on Happiness – Daniel Gilbert (non fiction; an interesting psychological exploration of why we are so bad at figuring out what will make us happy)
  51. God on a Harley – Joan Bradley
  52. Heaven in High Gear – Joan Bradley
  53. Lady of Avalon – Marion Zimmer Bradley
  54. Salvation Texas – Anna Jeffrey
  55. * Get Out of That Pit – Beth Moore (non-fiction)
  56. Room For Improvement – Stacey Ballis
  57. Dead Over Heels – Mary Janice Davidson
  58. * The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren (non fiction; didn’t like it as much as I’d anticipated)
  59. Imaginary Men – Anjali Banerjee
  60. Sisters – Danielle Steel
  61. Emily’s Reasons why not – Carrie Gerlach

Anyone else keep track? What’s your list look like?



  1. August 3, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    thanks bluebunny … i’m honored to be included in such good company … i’m finishing up a new one you’re really gonna like!

  2. Lisa said,

    August 4, 2008 at 2:21 pm

    I haven’t read NEARLY as many as you, and I haven’t kept track, either. All I know is that … I LOVED the Purpose Driven Life, it really helped me to dig through my life and find a purpose. We are getting ready to start the Breaking Free Bible Study by Beth Moore. I’ve seen Beth in person, she lead spiritual emphasis week where I used to work. She’s a little kooky for me in person, but her studies are really good.

    I’m going to use your list to do some reading! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. I read a bunch of Sophi Kinsella and Jane Green this year. (Some I re-read)

  3. fowgre said,

    August 15, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    I’ve been so busy I haven’t read much of late or released anything, but I’m still a huge fan of BookCrossing. You can click on the link and examine my profile page… it contains lists of books I’ve read the past couple of years.

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