With EXTRA babbling!

Heh. So I go, what *months* without an update, and here I am posting three times in one day! Go figure!

Random thought:
It seems too bad to me sometimes that we as people in general have a hard time holding onto thankfullness. I admire those who are very good at being grateful for their blessings & wish I were better at the same, and wish more folks aspired to be more appreciative too; I think it’d go a loooooooong way to making the world a better place!

So today brought  MORE snowblowing & shovelling & I was able to move my car … about 5 feet backwards where it got VERY stuck *sigh*. I tried digging the snow out around the tires, putting down sand & rocking it & managed to go forward a foot, get stuck, roll back to try & get a bit more of a go at it, forward half a foot & that’s IT. ugh, I am SO SICK of winter!

I put in a call to the neighbour who’s been doing the plowing & asked him to *call* before he comes next time so I can open the gate & have him plow some of the drive as it started snowing AGAIN this afternoon. If I can get him to plow out a portion of the drive on *this* side of the fence & then give my car a push, I’m sure we could get it into a plowed area. It really needs to get unstuck as the forecast for the rest of the week is calling for snow.  Fortunately only light stuff, so at least if we get the car out of the deep/soft snow, I can maintain with the snowblower enough of a path to get it out after that.


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