Playing “Farm”

Well, The Child and I are feeling pretty settled into the daily routine of Nana & Gramps farm already.

The first couple of days, he woke up just after I brought the dogs in from their first outdoor excursion, around 6:30am. There was no convincing The Child to go back to sleep, but fortunately that novelty wore off quickly! Today I was able to get back in bed for a bit and get up at a more civilized 8am. We let the dogs out for another bathroom break, then got ourselves some breakfast.

After breakfast, it was playtime for The Child & the dogs. He decided that it was mummy’s job to clean up dog poop while he got the job of throwing tennis balls.

Dog Games

The dogs then went into outdoor pens for a while & I got to have my second cup of coffee while The Child played with some toys from home. He looks pretty grumpy here, eh?

I’m having trouble holding his interest in school work for long periods of time, but we manage several short sessions over the day and I think I do a pretty good job of working things into everyday activities.

The dogs get brought in mid-morning and The Child & I play a game or work on a puzzle or he watches a little tv while I work on some knitting or a book.

Lunch-time is early – must be all that fresh air! I try for another brief session of “schooling” after lunch & then we head back out with dogs for a while, mostly so The Child can work off some more of that exuberance!

It’s pretty much more of the same in the afternoon, with me getting online to check e-mail and do some job searching while he’s playing with toys.

Amazingly, The Child has been better about eating his vegetabl;es while here, suddenly discovering a liking for cauliflower. Evenings we get some cuddle time with the dogs in the family room, then he’s sent to get ready for bed as the dogs are sent outside yet again. Once the animals are in, it takes a little coaxing to finish getting The Child ready for bed, then a couple of stories and sometimes a babsitter to ensure he stays IN bed!
Shhhhhh! Don't Tell Nana!

We’re definitely needing a change of scenery though at this point & hopefully we’ll get to the library tomorrow. I’m also feeling rather in need of adult conversation; it gets a little wearing after a while to be chasing after dogs and The Child all day long; all have a habit of not listening to what they don’t want to hear! 😉 Still, I have a feeling this adventure will be one The Child remembers fondly for a loooooooooooong time!



  1. Alexis said,

    January 28, 2008 at 1:36 am

    Sounds like you guys are having fun. Cute pictures!

  2. Val said,

    February 1, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    Tori, oh how I have missed you! I was about ready to give up on you, girlie! You don’t have to have something to talk about. Just share pictures of your cutie! I haven’t seen a picture of him in a long time and what a super cute baby boy you have!!! Not that he’s “baby” anymore, but I know in our hearts, they will always be :):)

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