mystery stole update

For the knitting folk who wander by, I haven’t made much progress on the mystery stole KAL.

Currently the project is in time-out. I managed to get to about Row 76 or so, and ran into one of *those* rows. You know, the kind you just look at and it misbehaves, doing exactly what you don’t want it to, rather like a willful child. While attempting to tink back, my lovely alpaca yarn decided to get in on the rebellion and snarled itself into a tangled mess. I’d started attempting to impose some order on the skein and to frog back to my previous life-line but hadn’t completed either task at the point my ummm surprising news briefly referred to below hit. The whole thing is now sitting in disgrace in the corner of the coffee table where I’m only now contemplating once again acknowledging it.


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