I know, I’ve been a very bad blogger! Just hasn’t been much interesting in my life to write about!

At the moment, I am home, sick, AGAIN, with strep, AGAIN! grrrrrr.  not impressed as I had it at the beginning of last month, back in Feb, and a couple bouts in the winter too.  enough already! Particualrly anoying as that it meant I missed out on a chance to go sailing. A friend took kiddo & I a couple weeks ago & offered to take me on my own this past weekend so we could get up some speed & I was *really* looking forward to it, but it was not to be *sigh*.  I spent several summers sailing as a young teen & loved it & this was the first opportunity I’d had since.  Unfortunately the friend is moving next weekend, so looks like it’s going to be quite some time before I get another chance, boohoo!

Kiddo is well.  Although bummed about not being allowed to watch SpiderMan3, he’s allowed himself to be consoled with Shrek 3 😉

I’m almost finished the socks I’ve been knitting for a friend & crazily decided to join the MS3 project after reading about it on the harlot’s blog (damn you harlot! :p) I’m way behind as I didn’t have the required yarn in my stash & being sick haven’t been able to get out to the LYS to remedy that.  I’ll post up pics though as I progress, assuming I don’t lose patience with the project!

What else?  I’m off on vacation in a few days, actually taking a trip, something I haven’t done since *gasp* my honeymoon.  How sad it’s been that long, eh?  I’m off on an adult’s only, gal’s only retreat of a few days of shopping, drinking, eating & laughing! 🙂  I’m actually plannign another get-away later in the summer – gotta make up for some of that lost time!  Sometime in August, my galfriend & I are taking our kiddos to Niagara Falls.  None of the kids has ever seen it & simply staying in a hotel with a pool will be a treat for them, lol!  So we’ll make a weekend of it.  Nice to actually have some fun stuff planned!

So for those of you who’ve been good enough to poke your heads in here, thanks for sticking around, there’ll be plenty of pics to come with these plans 🙂


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