Older Writing

Sharing some older writing .. it’s ummmm … well, sexy!  So if that bothers ya, move along!  😀


Kiss me again
Let me taste your lips,
Your mouth,
Your tongue.
Hold me in your arms,
Run your hands through my hair,
up my spine,
holding me tight to you.
in my ears,
Bury your face
in my hair,
Against my neck,
my belly.
Make love to me,
warm my body
my soul.
Bring me back to life
As only you can.


Passion fuels my soul
Keeps awake
the dreams of
romance and true love
drives my desires –
the ones that make me
Ache for a hungry look,
the ravenous touch
My body tight
with wanting
Passion rules my life
It’s in the way
I gaze at you
It’s in my movements
When I get on the dance floor
Or between the sheets
It’s in my hand
When I trace your body
Or when I allow the words
To pour upon the page
I am Passion.


Caught in your stare
My skin flushes warm.
Run a hand through my hair
with an edge of nervousness,
And you watch
in sheer fascination.
The colour of my eyes
Echoed in your own –
or is it the
other way around?
My blonde tresses
Somewhere between
the colour of melted butter
and thickened honey,
so striking when
strewn across your sheets;
casting sherry shadows in the
Strawberry highlights.
So good
you could just
Eat me up
And I wish you would.


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